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Fully compliant Swiss bank account licensed by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)1

Enjoy seamless and swift transfers between global bank accounts

Customize your spending limit for advanced security2

Lowest fees

Zero fees for account setup and management, as well as bank transfers3

The most competitive crypto top-up fees, with rates as low as 0.6%4

Transactions are made on the Arbitrum network, which has affordable gas fees5

Easy setup processes

No credit checks or mandatory staking of assets for account eligibility6

Use your account and card instantly upon approval

Responsive and dedicated email support7

Spend crypto conveniently

Link your account with virtual Visa debit cards which are accepted at 40M+ merchants, including all Visa debit card supported platforms

Top up your account with crypto across 40+ blockchains into USDC and Fiat for convenient usage8

Spend crypto via popular and established payment platforms like Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and more

Unlock higher tiers and benefits effectively

Enjoy up to 40% referral commissions indefinitely on all top-up fees from referred accounts9

Unlock exclusive privileges by making deposits, referring accounts, and staking SFP10

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Frequently Asked Questions

Banking services are currently undergoing beta testing, and only available to users in the EEA countries and Switzerland. Users can check the supported regions here, and stay tuned for updates on other regions.

Eligible users can download the SafePal App and apply to open a bank account under the Bank tab on the homepage. After completing the bank account registration, you will also receive a Safepal Visa card. Learn more about getting started here.

There are no account creation or management fees. The banking gateway and Visa card also offer the most competitive rates, with fiat transfer and deposit fees being as low as 0.6%. For more information, please visit our Pricing and Fee disclosures.

Generally, the transaction limit is 100,000 CHF per month. This limit applies to Visa card expenses, top-up/deposits, bank transfers and currency exchanges. (The Fiat24 bank may make adjustments for certain users due to risk management policies).

For Visa cards, the limit for contactless payments is 1,600 EUR per day and 5,000 EUR per day for other payment methods. The monthly consumption limit is the same as the transaction limit.

For more FAQs and user guidelines, visit our Help Center

1. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority is the Swiss government body responsible for financial regulation, which includes the supervision of banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges and securities dealers, as well as other financial intermediaries in Switzerland. Learn more on their official website here.

2. The spending limit refers to the total accumulated amount that can be spent by users for their Visa cards. Please refer to the guide here on how to adjust them.

3. All fees are disclosed transparently while using the service. Crypto swap fees, account top-up or deposit fees, and fiat exchange fees may apply. While SafePal and Fiat24 do not charge bank transfer fees, there may be charges by other banks when making transfers from or to those bank accounts. A spread also applies when swapping cryptocurrencies. For more information, please visit our Pricing and Fee disclosures.

4. Top up rates and referral commissions differ between account tiers. The competitive rates highlighted are based on the highest account tier. For more information on account tiers, please refer to the guide here.

5. Gas fees are subject to network usage and are not controlled by SafePal. They may be higher during peak network usage or congestion. Learn more about gas fees in the guide here.

6. As required by banking license and compliance requirements by regulators such as FINMA, there are KYC and onboarding processes for eligible users. Learn more about the requirements under the FAQ section here.

7. Users can reach out for support and queries via the dedicated channel here. This system is to protect the privacy and security of users and minimize the likelihood of impersonators and scammers.

8. $USDC is the default top-up cryptocurrency to safeguard users from market volatility, and the execution or transactions on-chain may be affected by network congestion or usage. Learn more in the guide here.

9. All imagery is for illustrative purposes only, benefits and rewards may vary and be adjusted at the discretion of SafePal.

10. For a breakdown of the account tiers and privileges, users can refer to the guide here.